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Who we Are ?

MSD Research and Consulting is an independent research and advisory platform that promotes research and provides reliable, objective, studies and reports based on institutional scientific research and advisory standards. The platform aims to disseminate knowledge and best solutions, enabling researchers, practitioners, governments, business companies, NGO’s, and intergovernmental organisations to get independent, in-depth and reliable research and consultancies. MSD Research and Consulting presents and discusses the most important regional and international issues especially in the sphere of AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST region. MSD Research and Consulting provides a quantitative and qualitative addition in the field of scientific research and advice through providing reports, analyses, briefings, and surveys in three languages (English, French, and Arabic) that explore the future’s contours and the most important risks in Africa and Middle East.

What we Do ?

We help our clients to get information and knowledge. Our experience and professionalism in quantitative/qualitative research and consultancy, and our understanding of the complex security, political and social situation in Africa and the Middle East, allow to our clients (individuals, governments, companies, and international organizations) to get sufficient awareness of the existing opportunities and risks at the level of official structures and on the ground. Our rigorous academic and scientific approaches ensure that our consultancy provides the answers and solutions that our clients need.

Our Services

As an independent research, consulting and advisory platform, we provide our clients with quality services and solutions in three languages (English, French and Arabic): Providing regular research papers, analysis notes and briefings on political and security situation in Africa and Middle East region, for public and private sector clients. Providing special consultancies at the request of the relevant authority (private or government) in different sectors in the fields of security and politics in Africa and Middle East region. Providing reliable reports about current regional and international security issues and risks by adopting rigorous research and analysis based on reliable sources and statistics. Providing strategic security reports on political and security risk trends that have implications for local and regional markets in Africa and Middle East region. Providing training courses and workshops to understand the political and security risks in Africa and Middle East, and finding the optimal methods to deal with them.

Areas of Research & Consulting

In an unstable world full of risks and threats, Africa and Middle East are one of the most important regions experiencing political and security conflicts and crises. Therefore, MSD Research and Consulting covers this region accurately with the focus of research and advisory (Information-Analysis-Assessment-Management) on the following areas: -Radicalization and Violent Extremism. -Terrorism and Counterterrorism. -Political Violence Risk. -Conflict Zones Threat and Peace Process. -Social and Popular Movements Dynamics.

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Meet The Founder

Dr Mohammed Salah Djemal is an Algerian scholar. He is an Associate Researcher at CRIDS (Centre for Research and Information on Disarmament and Security) based in Brussels-Belgium. He is responsible for the implementation of research activities, certain training, management, dissemination of knowledge and the enhancement of CRIDS scientific and technical information on armament and disarmament, international peace and security, as well as terrorism and violent extremism. His role is also to conduct scientific research, propose and evaluate research projects. After obtaining his Doctorate, he immediately joined the Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies-ECCI- in Germany, being a non-resident researcher, editor, analyst and consultant on international security issues. In parallel, he works as an Advisor Member at ACSRT (African Centre on the Study and Research on Terrorism), an organization of the African Union based in Algiers-Algeria, in which he takes responsibility-with a committee of academic experts, practionners and diplomats- for evaluating studies and research studies to be published in "The African Journal on Terrorism", and the provision of consulting for African decision-makers in question of violent extremism. He also worked as a university lecturer in the Department of Political Science and International Relations and in charge of the Master's classes in Security and Strategic Studies at the University of Guelma-Algeria. During his academic and scientific career, Dr Mohammed Salah Djemal received a scholarship for short-term training at the Montesquieu Centre for Political Research - University of Bordeaux-France. He has participated in several national and international conferences on international security issues. He has completed several United Nations Organization-UNITAR training courses with recognized certifications in Conflict Analysis and International Politics. He periodically publishes articles, analysis notes in internationally recognized journals and magazines. He has also published three books to date on the role of private military societies in armed conflicts in Africa, a book on Chinese infiltration strategy in Africa, and a final book with other researchers on terrorism in Europe. He speaks English, French and Arabic.